Two people were found hung off a bridge in Nuevo Laredo

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Osama Bin Laden is killed by US forces

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President Obama announced May 1, 2011 that he gave the order for US forces to kill or caputre Bin laden who was said to be behind the 9/11 attacks to the World Trade Center. Across the nation many Americans are celebrating and chanting the death of the Al Qaeda leader.
     At what cost will this historic announcement and the death of one man impact future terroristic attacks. The US better be prepared to secure and protect American soil to avoid possible retaliation. I hope some National Security council members are right when stating that no one will ever have the same influence and impact as Bin laden had in running Al Qaeda.
     President Obama soldifies himself as a historic commander and chief in bringing down a mastermind behind several terrorist attacks. He also helped his chances for re-election in 2012 with slaying a dragon and sending a knockout blow to the war on terror.
Bin Laden was an evil presence on earth and this historic announcement finally brings justice for all those innocent lives lost during 9/11. Hitler shot himslef on April 30th and this is almost poetic justice learning that Bin Laden was killed May 1st. Will the war on terror finally end? Will Bin Laden’s death help Obama win in 2012? Will more troops be pulled out of Afghanistan? Will America finally sleep better at night knowing the villian is dead?  Justice in that an evil man dies after killing many innocent people and faith in military intelligence to protect and serve the world.  Truth is why bury Bin Laden’s body at Sea…how about performing an autopsy…dna…why get rid of evidence so quickly…skeptical…would of rather questioned and captured him…to many questions??? Left unanswered…

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The cry for help from the innocent blood spilled over the drug violence were heard today.  A historic visit by President Obama into Mexico’s drug violence gave many hope that those cries were heard.  Historic because only five other US Presidents have visited Mexico within the last five years.  The timing is impeccable and shows a sign of good faith that the drug violence has gotten the Presidents attention.  The President did discuss with Mexican President Calderon about a possible gun ban on assault rifles to combat the guns being smuggled into Mexico.  President Obama admitted to the demand the US has on drugs as being a major problem on Mexico’s violence.  Ironically, a shootout happened couple of hours before President Obama landed reported at least 16 killed.  Obama stated that Mexican cartels are the greatest organized crime threat to the United States.  Secretary of State Clinton commented that US  “insatiable demand” for illegal drugs fuel the war on drugs and US “inability” to stop guns being smuggled into Mexico also fuel this war.  President Obama put it very eloquently and realistically that we are not ever going to elimanate the smuggling but reduce it so it can be a local level problem.  Will a  newly appointed “Border Czar”  make a difference in this drug war?  Who is this antikidnapping consultant Felix Batisita who was kidnapped himself in Mexico? How long will it take the US to control this escalating issue?  Drug Cartels you now have the President’s attention…check…your move…

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     A new topic came into mind recently with the sudden emergence of mass killings.  At least 57 people have been victims in 8 separate incidents of mass killings.  The violence that occurred this past month has not come from the cartels but from people struggling with everyday life.  In, New York a Vietnam immigrant worker killed 13 people before taking his own life because he lost his job.  Then, in Pittsburgh a Marine discharged from the military killed 3 police officers.  Another, mass killing occurred in Washington when a man killed his five children and then himself due to his wife leaving him.  Who is to blame for the recent mass killings?  Many blame the recession and the hard times most Americans are facing nowadays.  Have we come to a point in society where it is easier to give up than to continue with life’s struggles?  Why take the blood of the innocent who are willingly to struggle with their own anguish?  This deadly sin is called the wrath of innocent people becuase the deadly sin sloth of a few are no longer willingly to struggle?  We see a deadly sin in every corner and yet we tolerate it.  It is easier to lose your self in drugs than cope with life.  Its easier to abort a child than raise it and its easier to take your own life than change it.  Criminologists believe it is due the economy, layoffs, and the uncertainity for the future.  While, the cartels deadly sin comes down to mere greed and a slight hand of sloth for not working a real job.  This new killings are a cause of concern because the more innocent are unessecarily killed with their voices going unheard.  One significant factor in all these murders was gun violence.  Are guns easily attainable for thes revenge killings?  All these mass killings were spawned by a traumatic event as divorce, layoff, or money lost in the market.  Will more mass killings soon to follow due to the recession?  Are mass killings the answer to your problems?  Many say your soul ends up in limbo and your one of many lost souls caught in purgatory…suicide should not be the answer.

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The San Antonio Express reported that eleven people were found shot to death around the country of Mexico on Saturday.  The violence is linked again to the drug violence, signs of torture, and threatening messages symbolic signs of the cartels work.  The threats were meant for “the Zetas” a group of hit men for the Gulf cartel.  Four victims were found in a car along with the message for the the Zetas.  Who in their right mind would send a threat to a group known to be hit-men for hire?  This goes to show the war continues for the drug routes across America’s border?   The message was signed by “La Familia” a drug gang battling for territory and to make a name for themselves in the drug war.  While, America is struggling with an economy, a war in Iraq, and stimulus packages for businesses across the country.  The only ones not really asking for any handouts from the government is the billionaire business of the drug war.  This is the only industry still striving and most of these cartels are killing themselves off.  Should the U.S. government consider legalizing marijuana and taxing to help the economy?  Why should the cartels be the only ones profitting?  I believe the one way to ease some of this violence is legalizing “weed” and hitting the cartels where it hurts.  Their money and greed is what drives most of these cartels.

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I think the United States finally woke up and might be taking the first strides into actually working with Mexico to ending the violence.  I was surprised to hear Hilliary Clinton just visited Mexico and President Obama will visit on April 15th.  I think this is a positive note that they are noticing that action must be taken to help Mexico, but is this only to show face. Show face to combat the media attention CNN has given this issue.  Secretary of State Clinton stated the US will give Mexico 80 million for black hawk helicopters, training, etc… to Mexican law enforcement.  I believe more than money must be given to help Mexico to battle the cartels.  I hope these visits are just not politicians talking and actual actions taken behind these visits.  I thought a ban on assault rifles would be a good idea, but an associate stated that they can just obtain the weapons through the black market.  He stated you make it harder for the citizens to protect themselves?  Would the ban help smuggling guns into Mexico?  How else can we secure our borders?  DO people who abuse drugs in America find any sense of responsibility caused by the kidnappings and violence?

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I applaud CNN for finally covering the violence caused by drug cartels.They no longer can operate among the anonymity it had before this exposure.  CNN has put the spotlight on these cartels and the pressure on the Obama administration to combat the problem.  I believe it is giving the issue the exposure it needs and educating American public on an important problem on the rise.  I have the up most respect for Law enforcement that put their lives on the line everyday to combat this problem.  I know President Obama has alot on his plate right now but he should put an emphasis on this issue immediately. 

Recently,  CNN reported on cartels hiring teens as contract killers in my home town of Laredo, TX.  I lived in Laredo for twenty years and lived the violence first hand.  Sadly, to report this story was not news to me or surprising for that matter.  Growing up you can see cartels recruit kids as early as middle school.    Now, the rest of the world will see a small glimpse of what it is like to live in a border town.  I believe the local politicians are down playing the problem and are to proud to ask the  federal  government for assistance.  Governor’s that border Mexico are now asking the U.S.  Governement for help to secure the border with military troops.  I believe it is a good start but more needs to be done.  Every American should be held accountable when they purchase illegal narcotics.  This war will not end if you put money in these cartels hands.  Politicans should talk about another ban on assault rifles and work with Meixco. 

 A major problem with working with Mexico is the corruption and not knowing who to trust in Mexico.  The drug zar of Mexico was caught working with a cartel receiving bribes.  A major arguement CNN has not reported that most of the victims involved with the violence have ties to cartels.  A point will come when the violence will affect us all.  What will the Obama Administration do to combat this problem?  Is greed the true  derterminent behind this issue?